Santa Maria Miracoli Church

In this chapter we discuss one of the most elegant and evocative buildings on the island of Venezia, the Santa Maria Miracoli Church.

The Santa Maria Miracoli Church is a jewel of the Renaissance, although the trend was still Gothic, it remains a unique masterpiece in the Venetian landscape.The church, designed by the Tuscan architects Pietro and Tullio Lombardo, was consecrated on December 31st, 1489 to house "The Virgin with the Child" by Zanino di Pietro, a painting that was believed to have miraculous powers. Frequently compared to a casket, it has a façade decorated with marbles of various colors, sculptures and bas-reliefs.

The interior is rectangular, completely covered in polychrome marble and covered with barrel vaults, whose panels represent fifty prophets and patriarchs.The balustrade that divides the nave of the presbytery is enriched with statues of St. Francis, of the archangel Gabriel, of the Annunciation and of Santa Chiara, works by Tullio Lombardo.Considered one of the most characteristic churches of Venezia, in fact, the lining and the proximity of the canal give it a special charm, and is the favorite church of many Venetians and one in which they love to celebrate weddings.

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