Ca’ d’Oro Palace

In this chapter we discuss one of the most sumptuous, elegant and characteristic palaces of the Grand Canal and the whole Venezia, Ca' d'Oro Palace.

Ca 'd'Oro Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces of the Grand Canal, and the most representative building of the Venetian gothic architecture of the city. This late-Gothic jewel was built by Marino Contarini in 1434 and still respects the owner's desire. The richly decorated façade, with its finely carved ogival windows, the oriental pinnacles and the exotic marble fretworks, gives off an unmistakable touch of the Orient. Over the centuries the building fell into disrepair, it was the baron Giorgio Franchetti, patron and collector, who restored it and donated it with his collection, which today houses the Giorgio Franchetti Collections which includes Renaissance bronzes, medals, statues and several important paintings.

Among the truly amazing treasures inside, we find on the second floor the last masterpiece of Andrea Mantegna, "San Sebastiano" of 1506, and two splendid paintings by Vittore Carpaccio, "Annunciation" and "Death of the Virgin" both of 1504, al third floor "Venus with a mirror" by Tiziano, a painting of particular delicacy and sensuality.

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