The Cannaregio District

In this chapter we discuss one of the largest, quiet and characteristic areas of the island of Venezia, the Cannaregio District.

The Cannaregio District is the second of the city by size, and could become, thanks to its charm, your favorite district. The docks to the north overlook the islands of the lagoon, while to the south the district is closed by the wide curve of the Grand Canal. The name probably derives from the reeds that grew luxuriant until the end of 1500 along the banks of the Cannaregio Canal, which at the time were simple muddy beaches.

This watercourse constituted the main entrance to Venezia on the side of the mainland before the railway connection was built. It is an intact area, divided by wide canals, crossed by narrow streets and characterized by small shops, gardens and hidden gardens, simple bars, craft shops and churches rich in art treasures.

We have divided the Cannaregio District into the following chapters:

The Venezia Ghetto

The Venezia Ghetto - Cannaregio District 

This is where the word ghetto became universal and is still indicating e the Jewish neighborhoods...

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The Jesuits Church

The Jesuits Church - Cannaregio District

Was built in the eighteenth century and consecrated as Santa Maria Assunta, the church is commonly called...

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Madonna of the Orto Church

The Church Madonna of the Orto - Cannaregio District

Is located in a rather isolated area, and is often referred to as the English church of Venezia, since British funds...

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The Tintoretto House

Cannaregio District

Was born in Venice on 29th April 1519 and was one of the greatest exponents of the Venetian school...

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Ca' d'Oro Palace

Ca 'd'Oro Palace - Cannaregio District

Is one of the most beautiful palaces of the Grand Canal, and the most representative building of...

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Santa Maria Miracoli Church

Cannaregio District 

Is a jewel of the Renaissance, although the trend was still Gothic, it remains a unique masterpiece in...

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