The Province of Venice

The Province of Venice holds an artistic and cultural heritage like few other areas in the world, its lagoon has been the cradle of local civilization and its coastline offers renowned seaside resorts. This province, rich in resources, hides elegant villas and pretty villages, even if the most precious and brilliant stone is represented by the island of Venice, an island which has a beautiful fish shape which protect the most beautiful, romantic and mysterious city in the world. It’s built on a series of marshy islets. Unfortunately it is subject to the tides of the Adriatic Sea and frequent floods but continues to survive in spite of all the predictions. Plan your holidays in the province of Venice, our tips and suggestive photographs will help you to take the right path for your trip.

We have divided the Province of Venice into the following chapters:

The City Center of Venezia

The City Center of Venezia - San Marco District - Venezia

It is the most beautiful city in the world: romantic, lively and mysterious and it is also one of the most fascinating, improbable and brilliant...

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The Venezia Islands

The Burano Island - Venezia

The Venetian Lagoon, surrounded by myths and superstitions, was once reserved for fishermen and hunters. Only from the 5th century...

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The Venezia Beaches

Jesolo Lido - The Venezia Beaches

The Veneto coast offers tourists from all over the world golden beaches, clear waters, artistic treasures, relax, entertainment and typical products...

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The Venezia Cities

Stra - Villa Pisani - Venezia

In this chapter we will show you the Venezia cities, from the surprising Portogruaro, through Noale, to the villas of the Brenta river.

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We have divided the Venezia Island into the following chapters:

San Marco District

San Marco District . Venezia 

Is the oldest and most famous area of ​​Venezia, its monuments, its palaces and its works of art, still testify to the pride and power of the Serenissima.

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Castello District

Castello District - Venezia

The largest and most curious district in Venezia, takes its name from the 8th century fortress that once rose on the island of Olivolo...

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Cannaregio District

Ca 'd'Oro Palace - Venezia 

Is the second of the city by size, and could become, thanks to its charm, your favorite district. The docks to the north overlook the islands...

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Dorsoduro District

Dorsoduro District - Venezia 

Was the first to be settled, thanks to its much more stable soil than that of other more marshy neighboring islets. At Dorsoduro we can say that there’s really...

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San Polo and Santa Croce District

The Rialto Bridge - Venezia

Bordered by the Grand Canal, are among the smallest on the island of Venezia and both take their name from the churches present within them...

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