In this chapter we discuss the city of Valdobbiadene, known all over the world for its excellent sparkling white wine, Prosecco.

The city of Valdobbiadene is the gateway to the Prosecco hills and is also one of the most famous places in the province thanks to its characteristic products. The city itself does not have much to offer, preserves in the main square buildings in neoclassical style, despite being largely damaged during the first war.

Valdobbiadene is an important center for the production of Prosecco and Cartizze which finds, in the perfect combination of a mild microclimate and a soil that allows a fast drainage of the rains, a perfect and balanced environment for the vine development. These magical acres, intended for the production of the famous Cartizze, are set among the steep hills of San Pietro di Barbozza, Santo Stefano and Saccol, small and charming villages linked to a unique territory. From here the white wine route leads to Conegliano, where it is possible to savor the production and, very often, take advantage of direct sales to the public.

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