In this chapter we treat a symbolic cities famous all over the world for the production of Prosecco Superiore, Conegliano.

Conegliano, an elegant and picturesque town, is immersed in the lands of the famous Prosecco wine and is the birthplace of the painter Giambattista Cima. It is considered the capital of wine since the nineteenth century, when salì agli onori it rose to the headlines thanks to the techniques of sparkling wine introduced by Antonio Carpanè who, right here, founded the "Royal School of Viticulture", which later became the milestone of the subsequent oenological development. Emblem of the medieval legacy are: the Castle (on the top of the Colle di Giano) and the Torre della Campana, now home to the small and precious Civic Museum.

Other points of interest are the Duomo and the annexed Sala dei Battuti; the latter represents the religious and artistic symbol of the city, so much so that inside it preserves the altarpiece "Madonna with Child and Angels" by maestro Cima. Not only the Middle Ages, however, has left traces in the city of Conegliano: in fact among its streets it is possible to observe many Renaissance features. In particular, along the ancient Grande district, (today via XX Settembre), we can find the heart of the Renaissance elegance of Conegliano, with stately buildings full of frescoes and carved stone decorations.

Tradition and gastronomy enrich the calendar of events that take place in Conegliano, in particular: around June there is the re-enactment of the historic Dama Castellana, a game of checkers with characters in Renaissance costume while, in August, the Calici di Stelle event offers the wonderful opportunity to taste the typical products in the splendid setting of the Castle. Curiosity: The Fountain of Neptune, also called the fountain of horses, is one of the most characteristic monuments of the city.

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