Nervesa della Battaglia

In this chapter we discuss one of the cities most affected by the Great War, located along the Piave River, Nervesa della Battaglia.

Nervesa della Battaglia is a small town in the province of Treviso, which was completely destroyed by the Austrian artillery, so much so that it was considered the epicenter of bloody close battles. The military shrine, of considerable size, is one of the many examples of commemoration of the fallen of the Great War that arose during Fascism. In particular, this is a 25-meter tower that rests on a reinforced concrete base that is also visible from afar. To enter you have to pass the large staircase where there are some pieces of artillery dating back to the Great War.

Very close we find the abbey of Sant'Eustachio, a Benedictine monastery suppressed in the sixteenth century and, currently, very ruined. This abbey is located in a strategic and elevated position, protected from the forest and near the river Piave, which, in these areas offers many fords. Also near the shrine of Nervesa della Battaglia we find the Sacello dedicated to the aviator Francesco Baracca, one of the most famous characters of the Great War, who was shot down during the Battle of the Solstice.

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