Moriago della Battaglia

In this chapter we discuss one of the most marked areas in Italy, where many soldiers lost their lives during the Great War, Moriago della Battaglia.

The small town of Moriago della Battaglia, located north of the river Piave and Montello, is home to a monumental and natural area of ​​112 hectares called Island of Death. This name was given in memory of the several victims, on both sides, who remained on the ground during the decisive days of the First World War. On October 27th in 1918 there was the assault of the Arditi who conquered Moriago, marking the beginning of the decisive Battle of Vittorio Veneto.

The place is dedicated to the memory and popular piety, affected by the continuous emergence of weapons and soldiers from the gravel of the Piave river. "On this island it was difficult to walk, so was the clutter of corpses" (Ragazzo del ‘99).

"Inside the park, today, you can take walks or bike rides very suggestive among the wild orchids that are born on the greens All the paths of the large oasis, named after the regiments that fought on the Piave, flow into the square "Ragazzi del 99" where the Votive Temple to the Madonnina del Piave and other war relics are located.

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