The Montello

In this chapter we talk about a unique hill, about 371 meters high, located in the heart of the province of Treviso, the Montello.

It is a unique hill, located in the heart of the province of Treviso, is about 371 meters high and extends from the Piave river to Nervesa della Battaglia, from Crocetta del Montello up to Montebelluna. Its origin is linked to the process of orogenesis of the Alps. These hills, in fact, were formed and continue to grow following the movement of the continental European and Asian crust and, the Montello with its dynamics follows this phenomenon, even if its growth has been slowed down by the Piave river, which has always continued to smooth it.

On a historical level this place was fundamental for the Serenissima, given that its rich woods supplied the Venice arsenal. Today the Montello brings with it numerous traces of its past, all immersed in a traditional context, ready to be discovered. It is mainly a destination for a day off, long bike rides, food and wine experiences, outdoor picnics and mountain biking.

We have divided the Montello into the following chapters:

Nervesa della Battaglia

Nervesa della Battaglia - The Montello

Is a small town in the province of Treviso, which was completely destroyed by the Austrian artillery, so much so that it was...

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Giavera del Montello

Giavera Del Montello - The Montello

Houses one of the many British cemeteries that had risen in memory of the English allies who fell honorably during the war after...

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Moriago della Battaglia

Piave River - Moriago della Battaglia - The Montello

Located north of the river Piave and Montello, is home to a monumental and natural area of ​​112 hectares called Island of Death... 

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