In this chapter we will discuss one of the most famous and characteristic places of Treviso, the birthplace of the great Antonio Canova, Possagno.

Possagno, the birthplace of Antonio Canova, houses both the famous Canovian temple and the plaster casts gallery with terracotta sketches and plaster models of his most famous works. In particular, the imposing Canovian Temple was designed at the beginning of the nineteenth century and built on a sunny hill so as to seem almost a mirage in a landscape close to the mountains. This building, white, solemn and in neoclassical style, rests on three wide tiers of different slopes and on a vast cobblestone of white and black stones, gathered along the river Piave and arranged in artistic geometric shapes.

The house where the artist was born in 1757, always in Possagno, deserves a visit. It still contains the original furnishings and objects of daily life. The visit to the dwelling, as well as a journey into the most personal experience of the sculptor, also represents a path to the discovery of his lesser known works, especially pictorial ones.

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