Villa Emo

In this chapter we discuss one of the most historic and characteristic buildings in the province of Treviso, located in Fanzolo, Villa Emo.

Fanzolo is a fraction of the municipality of Vedelago, located between the walled city of Castelfranco Veneto and the village of Asolo in the province of Treviso. This quiet town of the March of Treviso offers several historic buildings, such as Villa Lion Pellizzer and Villa Appiani, now a nursery school. From the historical-artistic point of view, however, it is important not to miss the sixteenth-century Villa Emo, designed by architect Andrea Palladio, a building that manages to blend classic and rustic architectural elements.

Villa Emo

A functional building for the management of the countryside, which emerges from the villa especially in the parts around the farmyard. It was commissioned to Palladio before 1555, by Leonardo Emo, whose family owned many properties in Fanzolo in those years, and completed around 1590, after Villa Barbaro and villa Badoer, which shares the general layout. The area was crossed by the ancient Via Postumia, in fact, as you can easily see from the entrances, the building is oriented according to the ancient road.

The exteriors are essential and devoid of decorations, dominated in the central part by the master's house, raised on a large base, connected to the ground by a long stone ramp. The interior is richly decorated with frescoes by Giovanni Battista Zelotti, a disciple of Veronese, who had already intervened in the Palladian building sites of Villa Godi and Villa Malcontenta. The decorations celebrate the overcoming of passions and the practice of virtue, "that only life in the countryside, in peace, in study and in the exercise of agriculture", wrote Rodolfo Pallucchini.

  • Info Villa Emo
  • Place: Fanzolo di Vedelago - Treviso
  • Address: via Stazione 5
  • Phone: 0423 476334
  • Timetables: from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm