In this chapter we deal with one of the Marca Trevigiana cities, its simplicity and its tranquility will captivate you, Vedelago.

Vedelago is a small town in the province of Treviso, located in the green Po Valley near the town of Castelfranco Veneto. The territory of this city is crossed by the Via Postumia, a Roman consular road built in 148 BC, which was intended to connect two of the main Roman ports, namely that of Aquileia and that of Genoa.

Sanctuary of the Madonna di Caravaggio - Vedelago

Certainly not to be missed is the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Caravaggio, built in 1830 by the will of the peasant population as a result of strong famines. Legend has it that it was enough to touch the hand of the Madonna to be freed from evil and suffering.

Sanctuary of the Madonna di Caravaggio - Vedelago

Over time the popularity of the Madonna increased and, with it, also the pilgrims who periodically visited her, so that eventually they were forced to build an iron cage to protect it from the attacks of people, thus procuring them the name of "Virgin in a cage".

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