In this chapter we discuss one of the most engaging, lively and surprising cities in the province of Treviso, an Roman Municipium, Oderzo.

Oderzo is a beautiful city in Treviso that contains and preserves spectacular medieval and Renaissance architecture. In the past it was a renowned Roman Municipium and reached its maximum splendor between the first and second centuries, with almost 50,000 inhabitants.

The task of preserving the finds and traces of this great past, with remains dating back to pre-Roman, Roman and late antiquity, belongs to one of the oldest museums in Italy, built in 1876, with its headquarters in the colonnade of Foscolo Palace. Among the various things not to be missed in this city, it is definitely Grande Square, considered among the most beautiful in the Veneto region for its particular stage shape.Here, once a year, during the summer, is held "Opera in Piazza" which is an international festival that attracts artists and enthusiasts from all over Europe.

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