The Walls of Treviso

In this chapter we will deal with the high and massive walls of Treviso, which are still intact and impressive as at the time.

The Walls of Treviso, of 5 kilometers, are almost completely intact and border the entire perimeter of the city. They were designed in 1509 by engineer Giovanni Monsignori, known as Fra 'Giocondo, to protect the town from the attack of the Lega Cambrai. Unlike the medieval walls that had eleven doors, these, from the sixteenth century, they have only three and, in particular, are:

Porta San Tommaso to the north, white and imposing, with a large entrance arch surmounted by a winged lion, Porta Santi Quaranta in the west, dedicated to the Forty martyrs of Sebaste, the Christian soldiers who refused, during the persecution of Licinius in Armenia, to honor the idols and were thus punished at the stake and, finally, the Altinia Gate to the south, whose name is linked to the Roman city of Altino.

Today what remains of the defensive structure is a beautiful tree-lined avenue, flanked by a long and charming canal, where you can walk with the family and enjoying the view of the city.

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