The Treviso Cathedral

In this chapter we will discuss the most important religious building in the city, a place of prayer and contemplation, the Duomo of San Pietro Apostolo or the Treviso Cathedral.

The main architectural works of Treviso are located in Duomo Square, which was called, by the Treviso writer Giovanni Comisso, "the little Vatican" since most of the religious buildings are concentrated here. In fact, it is possible to see: the "Church of Saint John the Baptist", an interesting example of Romanesque architecture used today as a baptistery, "the parsonages", where the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art, the Capitoline Library and, finally, the majestic Duomo of San Pietro Apostolo or the Treviso Cathedral, the main place of worship in the city.

The latter, built around the eleventh century, stands on the foundations of an early Christian temple of which traces remain in via delle Canoniche, subsequently it was almost completely destroyed in the mid eighteenth century, and then rebuilt, designed by Giordano Riccati in neoclassical style. Its interior has three naves, with chapels along the sides and seven hemispherical domes, crowned with lanterns that embellish the ceiling.

Among the numerous paintings that we find the Tiziano's Annunciation stands out, positioned to the right of the main altar and, to the left of the spectator, the Adoration of the Magi of Pordenone, dating back to 1520. Under the Cathedral, to witness the most ancient history, there is the crypt with the tombs of the bishops of the city, all enriched by columns and capitals, one different from the other.

The Tiziano's Annunciation

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