The San Nicolò Church

In this chapter we will discuss one of the most important religious buildings in the historic center of Treviso, the San Nicolò Church, tall and imposing.

The San Nicolò Church, dating back to the thirteenth century, is a Romanesque-Gothic building located in the south-western part of the historic center of Treviso, on the banks of the river Sile. This church, the largest in the city as it also exceeds the Duomo, is characterized by simple, massive and elegant shapes, all projected upwards, with slender and very tall windows between thin ribs.

The Gothic style of its interior is embellished with numerous frescoes and tapestries although, the real treasure, is represented by the cycle of the Dominicans by Tommaso da Modena of 1352, where each religious is represented with a rather realistic style. In particular, among all, stands out the cardinal Ugo da Provenza portrayed with a pair of glasses, so much so that it is narrated the first appearance in a painting of the Italian art history of this object. On the right aisle, in an elevated position, is the great organ of Gaetano Callido.

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