The Buranelli Canal

In this chapter we will discuss the watercourse that crosses and characterizes the historic center of Treviso, the Buranelli Canal.

The Buranelli Canal or the Medio Canal, is a branch of the Bottiniga river that rises at the Pria Bridge at the entrance to the city, where the women of the area used to wash clothes. On the opposite side of the canal is the home of the famous writer from Treviso, Giovanni Comisso, and a little further on, the sixteenth-century building is imposed, which was once the home and warehouse of fish merchants from the island of Burano.

Precisely from this commercial fact, derives the name of this fascinating canal that continues throughout the city, flowing between the many medieval and Renaissance palaces, passing under the weeping willows and next to the characteristic sinks suspended by chains, ending to flow into the river Sile.

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