The Soranzo Palace, is an expression of Venetian Gothic architecture, which apparently looks like a single construction, but in reality it is made up of two different buildings. Just stop and look at them, the old Sorando building is on the left, and the new building is on the right.

The Soranzo Palace

Although they are both on three levels, some small features emerge that differentiate them, in fact the building on the right is a clear example of late Gothic. Dating back to the beginning of the fifteenth century, it has dominated the large Campo San Polo for many centuries, together with other prestigious palaces, such as Tiepolo Palace, Donà Palace and Corner Mocenigo Palace.

The Soranzo Palace

In this lively field we can also admire the church of San Paolo Apostolo, also called the San Polo church, which houses numerous prestigious works by some great exponents of Venetian painting.

At first glance it may seem strange that the main facade, once decorated with Giorgione's frescoes, faces towards the ground rather than the water, even if the reality is quite different. If you look closely, in fact, it is still possible to see the traces of the river that flowed in front of the building until 1761, which then was deviated over the years.

The Soranzo Palace

At one time, the main entrances of the buildings and their wonderful facades were built on the side of the canals. The palace was wanted in the fourteenth century by one of the noble families of the city, who also gave a doge to the Republic of Venezia and fifteen procurators of San Marco.

Campo San Polo

Here, the writer Dante Alighieri was hosted by the doge Giovanni Soranzo, meanwhile who acted as ambassador for the Da Polenta, lords of Ferrara, while the young Giacomo Casanova was hired as a violinist for a three-day party held in the palace, where he met an elderly senator who adopted him as his son.


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