The Contarini da Bovolo Palace is an elegant 15th century building, hidden among the alleys and calli of the San Marco district, a few steps from the Grand canal.

Contarini da Bovolo Palace

Built by the Contarini family, also called "the philosophers", it stands out above all for its external spiral or spiral staircase, which is considered the most refined and amazing staircase on the island of Venice.

Contarini Da Bovolo Palace

Wanted by Pietro Contarini, scion of the powerful family, Senators of the Serenissima, for having boasted of the high honor of having given a doge, Adrea Contarini, to the Republic of Venice in the fourteenth century.

The Contarini da Bovolo Palace

The palace is spread over four levels, which are characterized by a series of loggias with round arches, a small courtyard with seven ancient wells that represent a refined taste both for the external decoration and for the engineering skills. Overlooking the Rio di San Luca, this incredible work retains its original late Gothic features, intrinsic to floral motifs and bright colors.

According to some studies, the realization of the Scala del Bovolo is attributed to a Venetian craftsman, Giovanni Candi, who develops it on five levels with flying buttresses. On its top there is a belvedere with a comfortable and vast view over the whole Venetian city. Do not miss the opportunity to discover small corners of the lagoon, remember, often the simplest things are the deepest ones.


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