The Ognissanti Church is particularly gloomy and fascinating, far from the spotlights and tourist routes that crowd the city. Arriving from the beautiful walk of the Zattere, along the Giudecca canal we cross the suggestive Dorsoduro District, until we reach the Fondamenta Ognissanti.

The Ognissanti Church

Do not miss the opportunity to discover corners of the lagoon that are rarely visited by tourists, you will be particularly impressed and fascinated by the many nuances it can offer you.

The Ognissanti Church

Built in the fifteenth century, with the aim of replacing the previous church that stood next to the monastery of the Cistercian nuns, who moved here after forced abandonment from the island of Torcello, at the time infested with malaria. The nuns, in 1472, immediately founded a hospice, a convent and the church dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints consecrated in 1586.

The Ognissanti Church still resists today with its beautiful monastery, closed for many years because of the Napoleonic edicts. He resumed his activities thanks to Giovanni Battista Giustinian, who quickly turned him into a shelter for the elderly. In the early part of the 1900s the monastery was also used as a hospital, remaining active until the end of the century, and then returning again to a public hospice.

The interior is conceived as a monastic environment, designed to enhance the spirituality and divine contemplation of the nuns. It has a raised Latin cross plan, with a particularly decorated floor and a large number of tombstones, where it is still possible to read the names of the people who contributed to the numerous works.

Walking among the benches we can admire some works by Agostino Litterini, such as the Lord's Supper, which in its optical effect invites to welcome, finally under the vault we find the Glory of Paradise where we notice that men and animals are serene contemplating the light that Christ kindles.


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