Madonna dell’Orto Church

In this chapter we discuss one of the most beautiful and evocative churches in the Cannaregio District, the Madonna dell’Orto Church.

The Madonna dell’Orto Church  is located in a rather isolated area, and is often referred to as the English church of Venezia, since British funds helped restore it after the 1966 flood. It stands on the homonymous field, not far from the home of one of the greatest exponents of Venetian painting.

The neighborhood is quiet, frequented more by locals than by tourists. The original church, founded in the fourteenth century, was dedicated to Saint Christopher, patron saint of travelers, who protected the many boatmen of Venezia.

The Madonna dell’Orto Church

The church was rebuilt in the fifteenth century, and dedicated to the Madonna, after the discovery in a nearby vegetable garden, of a statue of the Virgin and Child, said to have miraculous powers, now preserved in the Chapel of San Mauro.

The Madonna dell’Orto Church is located in the Canneregio district, the largest in the city, has a facade completely covered in red bricks, and its interior is large, bright and very neat. It is one of the most interesting examples of the Venetian island, in fact it testifies to the transition from Romanesque to Gothic style, and from Gothic to Renaissance.

Among his greatest treasures are the works of Tintoretto exposed in the presbytery, on the right "The Last Judgment" and on the left "The adoration of the golden calf while Moses receives the tables of the law", who spent thirty years of his life here , having home and atelier nearby. At the end he was buried inside the church, in the chapel to the right of the presbytery, indicated by a plaque. Other very important works that we can find are the altarpiece of Cima da Conegliano, "Saint John the Baptist among the saints Peter, Marco, Girolamo and Paolo", the altarpiece of Palma il Giovane with "The Annunciation” and "The Archangel Raphael and Tobias "by Tiziano.



Cannaregio District

One of the largest, most peaceful and characteristic areas of the island of Venice, the Cannaregio District.


The Venezia Province

It’s built on a series of marshy islets.


Holds an artistic and cultural heritage like few other areas in the world, its lagoon has been the cradle of local civilization and its coastline offers renowned seaside resorts. This province, rich in resources, hides elegant villas and pretty villages, even if the most precious and brilliant stone is represented by the island of Venice, an island which has a beautiful fish shape which protect the most beautiful, romantic and mysterious city in the world. It’s built on a series of marshy islets. Unfortunately it is subject to the tides of the Adriatic Sea and frequent floods but continues to survive in spite of all the predictions. Plan your holidays in the Venezia province, our tips and suggestive photographs will help you to take the right path for your trip.


The Veneto Region, nestled in the north-east of Italy, is a mix of history and traditions and, all of it, is enriched by the liveliness of its inhabitants and by a wide range of typical products all to be savored. From the highest peaks of the Dolomites, he embraces and welcomes each visitor with brotherly warmth, accommodating him among the many lounges of his cities of art, giving him unforgettable emotions. Turning between the pages of this site, you can organize your next holidays in the Veneto region and thanks to the many photos published, everything will be very simple.


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