In this article we discuss the cycle route of the Sile river, a unique path that crosses the provinces of Treviso and Venice.

The cycle route of the Sile river is a unique and suggestive route, which runs along the Treviso river of the same name, through unforgettable views and breathtaking views. The itinerary is not particularly difficult, and there is no risk of taking the wrong road, given that the track has numerous signs. The route is almost entirely on dirt, covering almost the entire stretch, so the advice is to tackle the cycle path on a mountain bike.

The Cycle Route of the Sile River

It is highly appreciated by bicycle enthusiasts, because it crosses the wonderful Regional Natural Park of the Sile river up to the wild Venetian lagoon. The Sile River is the main symbol of the Marca Trevigiana, its water course has crossed the provincial capital for years, influencing the town planning and shaping the landscape, and also contributes to the support and irrigation of the surrounding countryside. Its sources are the "Fontanassi di Casacorba" where the water comes from the earth as if by magic, gushes relentlessly, clear and silent, advancing throughout the territory.

The Cycle Route of the Sile River

The largest and oldest springs are the "goddess Coa Longa e del Prete" located in the Natural Park, but not so accessible due to the vast bush, but to see them they look like trivial pools of water.

The cycle route of the river Sile starts from the Riviera Garibaldi in the historic center of Treviso, follow the viale Jacopo Tasso along the river, from where the route begins, once you leave the city center passing under the railway bridge of the Gobba.

The Cycle Route of the Sile River

From here you are immersed in a lush green, where the swans play with the weeping willows, on the clear waters of the river, in a small earthly paradise a stone's throw from Treviso. After a few kilometers we arrive at the Burci Cemetery, where we find wooden work boats abandoned at the end of the last century, which in this aquatic environment create particularly suggestive views. Continuing on, you arrive at Casale sul Sile, where a cycle / pedestrian path created on the side of the road bridge allows you to cross the river passing the opposite bank.

The Cycle Route of the Sile River

You cross the village of Trepalade until you reach the hamlet of Altino, an important Roman settlement, and finally to Portegrandi, the natural mouth of the Sile river then moved further east by the Serenissima in 1683. Continuing from Portegrandi along the watercourse in a embankment about 9 kilometers long you reach the town of Caposile, at this point the Sile is made to enter the old bed of the Piave river, so as to reach the city of Jesolo and flow into the Venetian lagoon.

  • Info cycle route of the Sile river
  • Start: Treviso
  • Arrival: Jesolo
  • Length: 56 km
  • Time: about 5:00 h
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Lunch: Along the way / packed
  • Suitable for: Cyclists – Bikers


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