The Trecento Palace

In this chapter we will discuss one of the most particular and important buildings for the history of Treviso, the Trecento Palace. Already in the thirteenth century the inhabitants of Treviso met in Signori Square to attend parties, shows and the most important ceremonies of city life. Small and graceful like few others, it is … Read more

The Ragione Palace

In this chapter we discuss the central area of ​​the historic center of Verona, with its large squares and its magnificent the Ragione Palace.

The Squares of Padova

In this chapter we discuss the Squares of Padova, a meeting point for citizens and the different markets held in the city. The Squares of Padova are one of the meeting places for Paduans, places where you can meet old friends, drink a good coffee, brighten up your day with some typical shot or simply … Read more

The Palladian Basilica

In this chapter we discuss the symbolic building of the city of Vicenza, known all over the world for its beauty, the Palladian Basilica. The Palladian Basilica is the masterpiece of Andrea Palladio and was built between 1549-1614. The building overlooks Signori Square where the pre-existing gothic palace of Domenico da Venezia was enriched by … Read more

The Vicenza Squares

In this chapter we discuss about the Vicenza squares, symbol of the city and meeting place for young people and families.

The Capitaniato Loggia

In this chapter we discuss one of the most powerful buildings designed by architect Andrea Palladio, the Capitaniato Loggia The Capitaniato Loggia, also called Loggia Bernarda, is one of the most powerful creations of Palladio. Started in August 1571, it is currently the city council and faces directly onto the central Signori Square. In his … Read more