Lessinia Natural Regional Park

In this chapter we deal with the Lessinia Natural Regional Park, which hosts a variety of natural, historical and archaeological elements of great value. The Lessinia Natural Regional Park is instituted in 1990 covers 10.000 hectares extending to the North of Verona, nestled between the Val d’Adige, the Trentino, the group of the Small Dolomites-Pasubio, … Read more

The Pasubio

In this chapter we’re taking about the spectacular mountain range that passes through the Pasubio from the Little Dolomites to the Folgaria plateau. The Pasubio is a limestone massif between the borders of Vicenza and Trento that connects the Little Dolomites with the Folgaria Plateau and is remembered above all for the bitter fighting that … Read more


In this chapter we deal with a territory that lies on the edge of the plateau and hides great treasures, the town of Rotzo. Rotzo, thanks to its geographic position which dominates from the Val d’Astico, is the oldest municipality of the plateau. Currently it is really a small village, famous in all the surrounding … Read more


In this chapter we deal with a territory rich in traditions and war stories, among the most visited on the plateau, Roana. Roana is certainly the most scattered municipality of the whole plateau, as it is composed of five hamlets: Camporovere, Canove, Mezzaselva, Cesuna and Treschè Conca. Famous for the Lonaba pond, visited both in … Read more


In this chapter we discuss the pretty and particular municipality of Foza, nestled between the mountains of the plateau of the seven municipalities.


In this chapter we deal with one of the countries that are part of the Seven Municipalities Plateau, a lively and welcoming place: Lusiana.


In this chapter we are talking about Asiago, one of the most beautiful and attractive city on the seven municipalities plateau. «Asiago: the smallest and brightest town of Italy» with this sentence Gabriele D’Annunzio described well Asiago which has always been the most important town for the plateau and has become a reference point over the years.


In this chapter we treat the pretty and peaceful Campese, located at the beginning of the green and amazing Valsugana Valley along the Brenta river.