Walk on the Berici Hills in the Mills Valley

Lago di Fimon

The walk on the Berici Hills in the Mills Valley is a pleasant and particularly interesting route, a real precious gem from a naturalistic and historical point of view. It takes place totally immersed between the gentle mountain ridges and the large rocky walls of the Berici Hills, located south of the wonderful historic center …

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Cycle Route of the Riviera Berica

Ciclabile della Riviera Berica

In this article we discuss the cycle route of the Riviera Berica, a relaxing path that connects the Berici Hills to the historic village of Montagnana. The cycle route of the Riviera Berica is a relaxing and suggestive itinerary not to be missed, which takes place among the natural, historical and artistic beauties in the …

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The Veneto Prosciutto Crudo

In this article we treat the Veneto Prosciutto Crudo Berico-Euganeo DOP, a particularly fragrant, soft and sweet product not to be missed. The Veneto prosciutto crudo is still processed today according to ancient customs and traditions, in the Euganean Hills and Berici Hills area, with the aim of protecting the origin and quality of the …

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Villa Francanzan Piovene

In this chapter we discuss one of the most fascinating and characteristic villas in the province of Vicenza, Villa Francanzan Piovene. Villa Francanzan Piovene, considered one of the most beautiful villas in the Veneto region thanks to its characteristic barchesse and the extraordinary park in front, is located in Orgiano and was built in 1700 …

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Villa Pisani Bonetti

In this chapter we discuss one of the most elegant villas in the Vicenza area, located near the city of Lonigo, the Villa Pisani Bonetti. Villa Pisani Bonetti is located about thirty kilometers from Vicenza, in the hamlet of Bagnolo, in the municipality of Lonigo, among the vineyards and crops of the wonderful Berici Hills. …

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In this chapter we discuss one of the most characteristic and evocative villages of the whole territory of the Berici Hills, the village of Costozza. Costozza, an ancient agricultural village in the municipality of Longare, located not far from the wonderful historic center of Vicenza. It is surrounded by green hills characterized by a series …

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The Fimon Lake

In this chapter we discuss one of the most beautiful lakes in the province of Vicenza, nestled between the green hills of the Berici Hills, Fimon lake. The Fimon Lake is one of the most beautiful and interesting naturalistic places in the Berici Hills. It is, in particular, a 1.5 km long lake basin fed …

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In this chapter we treat the pretty town of Lonigo, located on the border with the province of Vicenza and surrounded by the green Berici Hills. Lonigo is a small and pretty town located on the borders of the Berici Hills, with gentle mountain ridges in miniature, with a rock face that can reach a …

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In this chapter we discuss the marvelous territory of Mossano, immersed in the green hills and the gentle torrents of water. Mossano is a small town of Barbarano Mossano, a merger of 2018 between the municipality of Barbarano Vicentino and Mossano. These small businesses are immersed in the rolling hills of the Berici Hills, not …

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