The right answers to our concerns and doubts often lie within each of us and surely they are not easy either to find or to focus on but sometimes life gives us some clues.

A few years ago, during a trip to Southeast Asia, through the great forests of Laos, I rediscovered the pleasure of knowing but, above all, of traveling with different eyes ... All this I owe to a book by Tiziano Terzani, "A Fortune Teller Told me ". In this book the writer says  that in 1993 he found himself making a very important choice, which changed his way of traveling and seeing things forever.

In that year, in fact, he avoided flying  rediscovering, in this way, the public transports of Asia which leave time to admire the landscape and to enjoy, perhaps, a new meeting despite the great slowness.

Taking Terzani and his choice as an example, I rediscovered the bicycle, understood as a means that gives the freedom to stop and contemplate what most strikes us but also to rediscover walking among the people, when a simple walk gives an unexpected encounter, the warmth of a smile, the culture of a country and the many facets that each of us have.

It is thanks to some journeys in the world that I began to explore my land, my wonderful region, with new and more curious eyes. A rich territory, like few other countries in the world, full of culture and tradition, with a luxuriant and uncontaminated nature and with thousand typical products that make the rest of the continent jealous.

Combining my great two passions, the one for travel and for photography, I was able to create MY guide of Veneto region! A guide characterized by many photos, places and history, recipes and traditions, beauties and sensations…. Because there is nothing more beautiful than creating something and being able to achieve it.