Fratta Polesine

In this chapter we deal with an area rich in resources, important buildings and people who have marked the history: we are talking about Fratta Polesine.

Fratta Polesine is a small Italian town known for being the birthplace of Giacomo Matteotti (1885-1924), Italian politician, journalist and anti-fascist who denounced the electoral frauds implemented by the nascent dictatorship of Mussolini.

The city, however, is famous above all for the marvelous Villa Badoer by the architect Andrea Palladio and recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The villa is a triumph of sobriety and elegance that every year attracts tourists from all over the world.

Villa Grimani-Molin

It is built on a stone base in order to protect it from possible river flooding and to amplify the scenic impact. Founded as a farm for the control and management of the land and as a summer resort, today it is a museum and an ideal place to carry out several events.

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