Vittorio Emanuele Square

In this chapter we are going to show you Vittorio Emanuele Square, the meeting point for the locals, the so-called “Rovigoti” and important events in the city.

Vittorio Emanuele Square

Vittorio Emanuele Square, the heart of Rovigo since the Middle Ages with the unmistakable style of the Venetian squares, is a place of aggregation and transit, which offers many outdoor cafes where relax, trendy shops, summer concerts and shows.

The square, with the central part dedicated to the passage way, is characterized by the Monument of the First King of Italy and the column of Istrian stone (1519), which stands in the center, with the enthralling Lion of San Marco on the top. In addition, you can admire the red Town hall with a portico and loggia that faces the square, next to the eighteenth-century Clock Tower.

On the north-east side, instead, we find the restored Palazzo Roverella of 1474, which houses the art galleries of the Accademia dei Concordi, one of the best art collections in Veneto.

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