The Province of Rovigo

The Province of Rovigo is characterized by a unique and unexplored landscape, the fertile land of the Polesine, between the two longest rivers in Italy, the Po and Adige river, flaunts a secret beauty in a triumphant and still wild nature. All this is clearly visible in the Regional Park of the Po Delta, the largest wetland in Europe and in the Mediterranean, with about 700 square kilometers of land and water, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In this territory, in continuous movement, we will consider some aspects that may seem boring and banal, but if we are able to face them with the right attitude, these lands will give us unique and unforgettable emotions. Do not waste time, organize your holidays in the province of Rovigo, our tips and the suggestive photographs will help you to take the right path for your trip.

We have divided the Province of Rovigo into the following chapters:

The City Center of Rovigo

La Rotonda - Province of Rovigo

The gentle sea breeze that comes from the nearby Po Delta river will pamper you. Moreover, the simplicity of human relationships, the frankness of the local dialect and the passion for opera...

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The Polesine

Lendinara - Province of Rovigo

During the course of its history numerous reclamation and, hydraulic works have been carried out for the drainage of the land and also several diversions of many watercourses took...

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The Regional Park of the Po Delta

Airone Rosso - Regional Park of the Po Delta

The Regional Park of the Po Delta has an extraordinary natural ecosystem and a unique territory of its kind which has been recognized World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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