The Bo Palace

In this chapter we discuss the historic site of the University of Padova, the Bo Palace, one of the oldest in the world.

The Bo Palace - The City Center of Padova

The Bo Palace is the historic home of the University of Padova since 1539 and continues to attract, even today, students and professors from all over Italy and abroad. Thanks to it, the city soon became one of the major centers of knowledge production and the cradle of the modern scientific revolution.


The Cortile Antico, inside, is surrounded by two overlapping colonnades each of which was decorated, with almost 3000 coats of arms, by teachers and students who over the course of time attended the university. The most precious jewel that the University treasures with care, however, is the Chair of Galileo Galilei, from which the Tuscan scientist gave his lessons explaining his innovative theories.

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