Villa dei Vescovi

In this chapter we discuss one of the most characteristic and fascinating villas in the province of Padova, Villa dei Vescovi.

Villa dei Vescovi, built in 1535, is one of the wonderful Venetian villas located in the hamlet of Torreglia, in Luvigliano, in the province of Padua. Since 2005 it has been owned by FAI, the Italian Environment Fund. The villa built with the aim of offering the bishop a pompous summer residence, is characterized by private rooms frescoed between 1542 and 1543 by the Flemish painter Lambert Sustris, a great admirer of Raphael's painting in Rome. Among all the Sala delle Figures at the Antica, the Sala del Putto and the Dining Room stand out.

A monument of extraordinary importance that blends among the many Venetian Villas for its ability to exalt the Roman classical style in the hinterland of the Serenissima. A very influential place, often frequented by important writers and humanists of the time, who left traces of writings that penetrated the culture of our country. Over time the Villa dei Vescovi has been spared from the building development of the region, preserving to its elegance and its perfect harmony between architecture and landscape, which has always represented an exclusive gift.

As you get closer, the splendor of the Euganean Hills emerges in all its free and wild natural wealth, leaving room for a landscape forged by man over the centuries. All this manifests itself entering from the gates, seeing a private residence entirely dedicated to cultivation, in particular of the vineyards, which enhance and testify to the close relationship between human beings and nature.