In this chapter we discuss the famous municipality of Lamon, a territory known all over the world for its characteristic beans.

Lamon is a small charming town located south of the province of Belluno, between the long valleys created by the Cismon torrent and the Senaiga stream, which before flowing into the Cismon gives rise to the Lake of Senaiga.

These green and lush valleys are located on a plateau and, as evidenced by numerous objects found in stone and flint, have been frequented by man since prehistoric times. In particular, these lands boast a tradition of pastoral activity, carried out both on the spot and in the areas between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia. All this is confirmed by the various typical products that can be tasted, such as smoked sheep meat, fried cheese, pendolon (a typical dish made with potatoes and beans) and the many other dishes linked to the country tradition.


Today Lamon is famous above all for its typical IGP beans, protected "by the Protected Geographical Indication" since 1996. A brand that guarantees a high quality product, and that follows the traditional methods for its processing. The Lamon bean PGI comes from four basic ecotypes of borlotto beans, including Spagnol, Spagnolet, Calonega and Canalino. Do not miss the event "A tavola nel Feltrino" with exhibitions dedicated to the territory and tastings of typical dishes held in honor of the famous bean on the third weekend of September. Try the traditional pasta and beans dish, the most requested in the food stands of the Belluno fair.