San Sebastiano Tamer Group

In this chapter we discuss one of the most beautiful and evocative areas of the province of Belluno, the San Sebastiano-Tamer Group.

The San Sebastiano-Tamer Group is a striking and impressive mountain range located between the Conca Agordina and the Zoldo Valley, entirely located in the province of Belluno. The San Sebastiano-Tamer Group can be divided into three parts: to the north we find the Chain of San Sebastiano, whose highest peak of all is Cima Nord di San Sebastiano of 2.488 meters, in the central part we find the Chain of Tamer, with the Tamer Piccolo of 2,550 meters and, finally, to the south, finds the Moschesin Group, with its Moschesin Castle of 2,499 meters.


A particularly wild and jagged mountain, little frequented by mass tourism, this is probably its fortune which makes it even more special. It dominates the entire Agordina Valley with its imposing and soaring appearance, which stands out among the great woods and green pastures of these unmissable valleys. The San Sebastiano Tamer Group is also famous for the strong Enrosadira, which colors these magnificent peaks of the Dolomites at sunset or at dawn.

This natural event is to be attributed to the particular geological conformation of these mountains, and is dependent on many factors, among which the most important is certainly the position of the sun, of the reflection of the clouds and of the water mirrors. This extraordinary result, besides being an interesting naturalistic fact, is also a unique event of its kind, which involves and excites the observer, giving a moment of poetry to the sunsets of these rugged peaks. Do not miss the opportunity to admire this spectacular Dolomite phenomenon if you pass by these parts, passionate or not, choose the right mountain to contemplate the Enrosadira at sunset or at dawn.

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