Mezzodì – Pramper Group

In this chapter we deal with one of the wildest and least frequented groups of mass tourism, the wonderful Mezzodì - Pramper Group.

The Mezzodì - Pramper Group is located in the northern part of the Belluno Dolomites between Agordino and Zoldo Valley. The group does not reach 3000 meters and its peaks, impervious and lonely, are immersed in the forests and green valleys of the park. The group can be divided between: the "Crode di Pramper", which reaches 2409 meters and the "Spitz di Mezzodì", at an altitude of 2317 meters, which with its slender spiers emerges from the green Pramper Valley and the Maè Canal.

These mountains are included in the protected territory of the Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park, an intact and very wild area of the Dolomites. Let us not be deceived by the modest levels of the reliefs in the district, because the Mezzodì - Pramper group guards great vertical walls, mighty rocky pillars and breathtaking views of the great giants of the Dolomites of Zoldo, such as Mount Pelmo and Mount Civetta. The whole area is free from ski lifts and impacting infrastructures, this favors the surrounding environment, which is rich in flora and fauna.

Typical of these valleys are the Tabià, buildings used as stables and dwellings. The ground floor was built in masonry, and housed the kitchen, the stove and the room for processing milk, instead the first floor was made of wood, and the bedrooms were located. On the back of the building there was the stable and above it the barn, everything was connected by internal corridors or stairs, so as to allow the care of the animals without having to go outside during the coldest winters. They are the most characteristic element of these green valleys, the oldest examples of Tabià date back to 1600, always made of wood on a masonry base. Today with the abandonment of agriculture and pastoralism, these typical houses have found a new destination of use, becoming prestigious residences or apartments for tourists.

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