The Sella Group

In this chapter we will discuss one of the most fascinating and characteristic rock formations of all the Dolomites, the Sella Group.

The Sella Group is a group of the Dolomites, located between Val Badia and Val Gardena in the provinces of Belluno, Trento and Bolzano. From its summit stands the highest peak, that of Piz Boè 3152 meters above sea level, considered one of the most scenic spots in the Dolomites and an important tourist destination both in summer, for hikers, and in winter for skiers. The most important peaks of the group are Piz Boè 3152m high, Mèsules 3000m high, Pisciadù high 2985m, Piz Gralba 2972m high, Sass Pordoi 2950m high, Piz de Ciavazes 2831m high and the Sella Towers 2850m high.

In the Middle Triassic, about 235 million years ago, the area now occupied by the Sella massif was only partially emerged in a small atoll and surrounded by a fairly rough tropical landscape, with volcanoes that erupted lava and tuff all day.All this earth movement, with the volcanic products that fall into the sea, have given the modern rounded appearance of the Sella.

Today these formations give us enchanted landscapes and green valleys, where man has managed to integrate and nature is still the owner. Sure to try is the Sellaronda, a ski and road route around the Sella group, also known as "4-step tour", which passes through four Alpine passes connected by the Sella pass 2240m, to the Pordoi pass 2239m, to the Campolongo pass 1875m and at the Gardena pass 2121m.

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