Feltrine Alps

In this chapter we discuss one of the lesser known mountain ranges of the Dolomites, but with great traditions and peculiarities, the Feltrine Alps.

The Feltrine Alps, located between the provinces of Belluno and Trento, are the southernmost mountain massif of all the Dolomites and take their name from the nearby town of Feltre. It is a territory of an intimate and wild beauty and we can divide it into three areas: the Cimonega Group, the Pizzocco Group and the Gruppo delle Vette Feltrine.

All groups are characterized by broad-leaved forests, coniferous forests, waterways, green grasslands and high rocky walls. These mountains extend over a complex mountain range that crosses the province and enriches it thanks to the great variety of landscapes and the remarkable biological diversity.

Within the Belluno Dolomites National Park there are 52 Cai paths, equipped and cared for, offering many possibilities to all visitors, in addition this territory is crossed by the "High Routes of the Dolomites" number 1 and number 2. It is precisely by taking one of the eight routes of the "High Routes of the Dolomites", that you can savor and experience the UNESCO Dolomites in full, lending, of course, the right prudence.

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