Sorapiss Group

In this chapter we will discuss the majestic Sorapiss Group, which with its enormous walls dominates the southern borders of the Ampezzo area.

The Sorapiss Group, or Sorapìs, is one of the main groups in the Ampezzo Dolomites and stands out between Cortina d'Ampezzo and San Vito di Cadore. The mighty massif consists of the "Punta Sorapiss" of 3205 meters, the "Croda Marcora" of 3154 meters and the "Three Sorelle" of 3005 meters. On the Cadore side we find very high rocky walls, while on the north the slopes are softer and three small glaciers increase a small lake and its waterfall called "Piss" which gives its name to the whole mountain group. It was first conquered by the Austrian mountaineer Paul Grohmann in 1864, co-founder along with Friedrich Simony and Edmund Mojsisovics a few years earlier, in 1862 of the Austrian Alpine club.

Sorapiss Lake - The Sorapiss Group

Symbol and jewel of these mountains is the Sorapiss lake which is located right in the middle of the awesome natural amphitheater on the northern side, not far from the Rifugio Vandelli, 1926 m. The wonderful pond, thanks to the calcareous rock present on the seabed, has an incredible light turquoise color that at dawn, thanks to the play of light, turns into the color of milk and mint. The calm waters of the lake reflects the mighty "Finger of God", 2603 meters, destination of several climbers and mountaineers.

The Sorapiss Group

A legend tells that this enchanting lake was a gift from the fairy of Cristallo Mount to the daughter of King Sorapiss, a very capricious little girl called Misurina. This pretty little girl insistently pleaded with her father, to get her the magic mirror from the fairy, to be able to read the thoughts of anyone who was mirrored. The fairy lasted a long time, because she didn't want to please the spiteful child but, faced with the tears of the king, she ended up consenting, setting however very harsh conditions.

The Sorapiss Group

The fairy had on Cristallo Mount a beautiful garden full of beautiful flowers, and the excess of sun made them wilt prematurely. Then he decided that, in exchange for the magic mirror, the king would agree to transform himself into an imposing mountain, so that he would protect the wonderful fairy garden with his shadow. Moments later, as Misurina contemplated his large mirror, King Sorapiss began his transformation, swelling and changing color, his hair became trees and his deep crevices wrinkled, thus originating the majestic Sorapiss group. Legend made famous by a song by Claudio Baglioni recorded on the album Saturday afternoon.