Ampezzo Dolomites

In this chapter we are talking about the mountain groups that surround the city of Cortina d'Ampezzo, through green valleys and high rocky walls, the Ampezzo Dolomites.

The Ampezzo Dolomites are among the most beautiful and impressive mountains of the Veneto region and owe their name to the territory of Ampezzo, which follows the course of the Boite river and its tributaries. A part of this valley is protected by the Regional Natural Park of the Dolomiti d'Ampezzo. These majestic mountain ranges, partly protected by the Regional Natural Park of the Dolomites of Ampezzo, are accessible through several paths.

A part of this valley is protected by the Regional Natural Park of the Dolomiti d'Ampezzo. Among the most striking and hard paths we remember the Passo Giaù, which opens like a magnificent balcony on the valley of Cortina d'Ampezzo, the Tre Croci Path that descends along the imposing Monte Cristallo and the Cimabanche Path that descends from Dobbiaco.

At the center of a wonderful valley, surrounded by these enchanting mountains, we find Cortina d'Ampezzo, a renowned winter and summer tourist resort of world renown. Along the Ampezzo Dolomites, we can also find the lively town of San Vito di Cadore, whose territory includes part of the massifs of Sorapiss, of Croda da Lago and of Nuvolau and the suggestive municipality of Auronzo di Cadore, which includes part of the massif of the Crystal.

Below we will try to bring out the wonderful mountain groups that are located in the Veneto region and those that go beyond the borders, given the majesty and the difficulty of managing these gigantic natural works of art. The Gruppo dei Tofane, the Nuvolau Group, the Croda da Lago Group, the Cristallo Group, the Pomagagnon Group and the Sorapiss Group are part of the Ampezzo Dolomites. Between this section stand out above all the peaks of the Tofane, with the Tofana di Mezzo alta 3244 meters and Monte Cristallo alto 3221.

We have divided the Ampezzo Dolomites into the following chapters:

Sorapiss Group

Sorapiss Group

The Sorapiss Group or Sorapìs, is one of the main groups in the Ampezzo Dolomites and stands out between Cortina d'Ampezzo and San Vito di Cadore.

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Nuvolau Group

The Nuvolau Group

Despite being the less extensive groups in the Dolomites, the Nuvolau Group offers hidden beauties and breathtaking views.It is located between the towns...

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Cristallo Group

The Cristallo Group

The Cristallo Group, one of the most famous of the Ampezzo Dolomites and of the whole Cadore area, is a mountain massif that is not very extensive...

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Tofane Group

Tofana Di Rozes - The Tofane Group

The Tofane Group represents the most majestic massif of the entire Ampezzo Valley and the Eastern Dolomites and, exactly, they are situated to the west...

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Croda da Lago Group

Nuvolau Group - The Dolomites

The Croda da Lago Group is a mountain massif of the Ampezzo Dolomites, located between Cortina d'Ampezzo, the Nuvolau Group, Selva di Cadore and ...

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