In this chapter we treat the city of Longarone, immersed in the valleys of the province of Belluno and in the Dolomites, a World Heritage Site.


Longarone is sadly known to have been completely destroyed on October 9, 1963 at 22:39, when a landslide detached from Mount Toc, (which stands opposite the towns of Erto and Casso), fell into the artificial basin created by the Vajont dam, causing a gigantic wave that bypassed the dam itself and which swept into the countries below destroying them and causing 1917 deaths, of which 1458 only in Longarone.

This incredible double-arched work was the largest dam in the world at the time of its construction, with a basin of 168.715 million cubic meters available, and served as a water reservoir for the seasonal regulation of the waters of the Piave river, of the Maè stream and the Boite stream. The water was channeled into the various dams, from that of Pieve di Cadore to that of Pontesei, from that of the Valle di Cadore to the Vajont basin, with kilometers of reinforced concrete pipes and a system of communicating vessels, which we were used to produce energy in the various hydroelectric plants.

A reminder of this is certainly the Church of S. Maria Immacolata which was rebuilt on the remains of the old Church in 1975 based on a design by Giovanni Michelucci. I draw a set of volumes arranged in a circular manner with two amphitheaters, one lower covered, where the classroom is located and an upper one, uncovered, conceived as a square from which it is possible to observe the Vajont dam.

Do not miss "Agrimont", or the spring fair that takes place in April, with exhibitions of mountain agriculture, forestry activities and typical agri-food products, such as cheese, honey and sausages.

Another very important event is the Ice Cream Fair, an international event that dates back to December 1959, and involves thousands of visitors and fans of this cold dessert every year, the event attracts ice cream makers from different parts of the world and transforms the small Longarone in the capital of ice cream.