In this chapter we discuss the municipality of Agordo, a small and charming town in the Agordo area, in the province of Belluno.

Agordo, located in the heart of a beautiful sunny valley along the Cordevole stream, is surrounded and protected by mountain groups which have been designated as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. We’re talking about the Moiazza Mountain Group, the San Sebastiano Mountain Group, the Monti del Sole, Monte Celo and the Pale di San Lucano. Nearby we find the enchanting San Lucano Valley, which offers many possibilities to all mountain lovers, both in summer and in winter. This pretty town developed on what was once the bottom of a large lake, caused by a landslide at the Castei gorge. Today Agordo has become the economic and cultural center of the whole province of Belluno, called Agordino.

To visit in the center we find several interesting buildings, both from a historical point of view and from an architectural point of view, such as the Archdeaconry Abbey Church of Santa Maria Nascente, built in the place where a Romanesque church of the XIIth century once stood, was designed by Giuseppe Segusino, and has become famous for having two identical bell towers. Villa Crotta de Manzoni, which underwent numerous changes and evolutions throughout history is in modern Gothic style, set in a romantic garden context, in which the various natural and artificial elements are apparently in harmony with each other.

Also not to be missed is the "Fiera del Bestiam", a characteristic event held today to recover and enhance the rural world and the typical products of the territory, which usually takes place during the first weekend of October. Once this event was used for the sale of cattle, seeds and local agricultural products. Ideal also for the little ones, in fact on this occasion, one can admire close-up some native handicraft workings, such as the weaving of the chairs, the realization of the scarpèt and many other traditional clothing, to the craftsmanship of wood, iron and of copper.