From Agordo to Sottoguda

In this chapter we discuss a very fascinating, suggestive and welcoming area located in ​​the province of Belluno which extends from Agordo to Sottoguda.

We have divided from Agordo to Sottoguda into the following chapters:


Agordo - From Agordo to Sottoguda

Located in the heart of a beautiful sunny valley along the Cordevole stream, is surrounded and protected...

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Alleghe - From Agordo to Sottoguda

Under the "sixth grade cliff" of Mount Civetta and on the shores of Lake Alleghe, we find the small...

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Val Fiorentina

Val Fiorentina - From Agordo to Sottoguda

Is one of the most beautiful valleys in the province of Belluno and is located between the characteristic...

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Sottoguda - From Agordo to Sottoguda

One of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is set at the entrance of Gola dei Serrai and is located at the foot of...

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Arabba - From Agordo to Sottoguda

Is the most important center of the whole Val di Fodom valley and we can consider it as a real gem...

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