The Rettori Palace

In this chapter we will discuss one of the most extraordinary and fascinating buildings in the city center of Belluno, the Rettori Palace.

The Rettori Palace, which now hosts the prefecture, is a magnificent work of the Renaissance and was built in 1491 by architect Giovanni Candi, the author of Palazzo Contarini Bovolo in Venice, as the seat of the Venetian podestà. The elegant façade, partly affected by coats of arms and stone plaques in memory of all the rectors of the Serenissima, is supported by a portico of columns with round arches and decorated capitals. On its right we can find the Civic Tower, the rest of the ancient palace of the bishop-counts of Belluno, built in 1190 and rebuilt in the seventeenth century, today hosts the cultural and artistic center of this town.

Inside there are numerous rooms that, despite the necessary restorations over the course of time, due to some earthquakes, have maintained the original appearance, with the Sansovino beamed ceiling, a way of aligning the boards above the order of main truss, this is particularly evident in the central saloon of the second floor and in the nearby room. In short, one of the most important buildings in the province, just think that for over four hundred years it was the seat of the Venetian rectors, who ruled Belluno and its territory.