The Belluno Cathedral

In this chapter we’ll discuss the most important religious buildings in the city, the Cathedral of San Martino also known as the Belluno Cathedral.

The Basilica of San Martino or the Belluno Cathedral, located in Duomo square, was erected in place of an early Christian church in the sixteenth century designed by the Venetian Tullio Lombardo. The simple stone façade has two gothic windows, a rich baroque portal and a central rose window closed by a glass on which are depicted saints.

the Belluno Cathedral

On the left, the baroque steeple in stone, is 71 meters high and was designed by the architect Filippo Juvara from Messina. The interior, majestic and elegant, is divided into three naves with high arches typical of Gothic churches.  The walls are characterized by remarkable eighteenth-century marble altars while the dome shines airy and full of light.

the Belluno Cathedral

Entering, you remain involved in the airiness and sobriety of the whole, in an elegant environment, thanks to the marbled marbles, the slender columns, the many angels and allegorical images. Among the most important works we find the scene of the martyrdom of San Lorenzo in 1571 by Jacopo Bassano, later the Deposition by Palma il Giovane, and in the first altar on the right we find the altarpiece by Andrea Meldolla, called the Schiavone. Through the door that leads into the vestibule of the sacristy, going down the stairs, we reach the crypt, which preserves the only altar of historical value, which was the funeral ark of the Avoscano family.