The Santo Stefano Church

In this chapter we discuss the most decorated and admired church in the city of Belluno: do not miss the Santo Stefano Church.

The Santo Stefano Church, a place steeped in spirituality and great works, is the most loved and evocative religious building in the city of Belluno and was built between 1468 and 1485 to a design by Giorgio Tagliapietra from Como. The entrance doors are the fruit of the Bellunese sculptor Dante Moro, cast in bronze in 1968, show various events from the Bible, from the creation of Adam and Eve to the death of Christ. The characteristic bell tower exhibits a large clock with the original stone dial that is bizarrely divided in 24 hours, in German use in the 16th century.

The Santo Stefano Church
Next to the church is the marvelous Cloister of the Servites, in late Gothic style, a building that was part of the convent of the Servites, who came from Treviso in the fifteenth century and were the proponents of the construction of the entire complex, which today has become the headquarters of the Inland Revenue, which can be visited freely during office opening hours.

Inside there are many art treasures of many artists including the Cesa Chapel, with its frescoes by Jacopo Montagnana and the Chapel of the Addolorata, which preserves a rich wooden Baroque altar with the statue of the "Madonna of the Seven Sorrows" . Furthermore, preserved inside we find two large lamp-holding angels by Andrea Brustolon, an Italian sculptor who played the leading role in Venetian Baroque, who made this work out of wood, but which looks like marble.