Erbe Square

In this chapter we discuss one of the most important squares of Belluno, where the colorful typical market takes place: Erbe square.

The Market Square or Erbe Square is the most characteristic place of the city, a place where you can still breathe an atmosphere of other times. The square, born from an ancient Roman Forum, contains at its center the Fountain of San Lucano which, most probably, is the oldest of the Belluno fountains. This fountain was part of a system of water pipes that connected all the fountains of the city. The ancient arcaded market square is a real gem, embellished by some of the most beautiful Gothic-Renaissance buildings in the city.

The Erbe Square

In the northern part we find the 16th century Miari house, with a beautiful frescoed portico and an important façade that seems to dominate the entire square. On the west side a large building that housed the Monte di Pietà, was built between 1501 and 1531. On the opposite side there is the Loggia dei Ghibellini, recently restored and consolidated. Present since 1347, it was a place open to public meetings. A few years later, in 1550, the Costantin family built the beautiful palace above, where the bas-relief of the Lion of St. Mark stands out. In short, a fascinating place that, in Renaissance times, was not only used to do business or to market, but was dedicated in particular to the social function, where the popular classes, artisans and literaries found themselves discussing and contesting.