In this chapter we are dealing with a truly amazing and elegant city, located in the south of the province of Verona, Legnago.

Legnago, a lovely city located along the river Adige, is best known for having given birth to the composer of sacred, lyrical and classical music Antonio Salieri. The first settlements, thanks to the fertile land, date back to the Bronze Age and Iron Age. Subsequently it was controlled by the bishops of the tenth century and was later ceded to Verona becoming, thus, a place of clashes between villages under the Scaligera domination.

To visit: Cathedral of San Martino Vescovo, unfinished building located in Piazza della Libertà, dates back to the neoclassical era and is dedicated to San Martino Vescovo; Torrione, the only surviving example of the walls surrounding the city; Church of San Salvaro, located in the hamlet of San Pietro, is from Roman times and would seem to be one of the oldest structures of Verona.

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