The Venezia Cities

In this chapter we will show you the Venezia cities, from the surprising Portogruaro, through Noale, to the villas of the Brenta river.

We have divided the Venezia Cities into the following chapters:

Portogruaro - The Venezia Cities


located a few kilometers from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, is crossed by the river Lemene, which offers to the most  Continue...

Concordia Sagittaria - The Venezia Cities

Concordia Sagittaria,

founded in 42 bC, was an extraordinary Roman military colony with the name of Julia Concordia. Located a few  Continue...

San Donà di Piave - The Venezia Cities

San Donà di Piave,

nestled in the low Venetian plain, is located a few kilometers from the Venetian lagoon, is divided by the  Continue...

Noale - The Venezia Cities


is a quiet town in the Venetian hinterland with numerous artistic beauties and strong traditions. The palaces and churches of the historic  Continue...

Dolo - The Venezia Cities


is a small Venetian town located almost on the border with the province of Padua. It extends on the banks of the Brenta Canal  Continue...

Stra - Villa Pisani - The Venezia Cities


is a town in the Venetian province that stretches along the Riviera del Brenta, in an area characterized by numerous villas and palaces  Continue...

Chioggia - The Venezia Beaches


also known as “the small Venezia”, dates back to Roman times when the inhabitants of the Venetian hinterland settled here to escape the  Continue...

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