The Ways of Prosecco Wine Route

If you've never been in the ways of Prosecco Wine route, what are you waiting for, embroidered hills, pretty villages and typical products are waiting for you!

The ways of Prosecco wine route winds through green hills embroidered by the skilled hands of the farmers from the Valdobbiadene area to Conegliano for 47 kilometers. These grapevines, of great versatility, produce different types of Doc wine, such as dry, sweet, still, sparkling wines and Prosecco Superiore di Cartizze. The latter, the Cartizze, has been cultivating in a narrow area of ​​106 hectares (a small village inside the town of Valdobbiadene) since two hundred years.

Today this wine, thanks to its characteristics and its quality, is imposing itself overwhelmingly on the world market. The Prosecco wine hills are one of the most touristy areas of the entire Veneto region, due to the beauty of the cultivated hills, the presence of several wineries where you can taste and buy a good wine and for the wide range of typical products that these lands can offer in each season.

An opportunity not to be missed to savor and enjoy the richness of these lands, are the spring exhibitions that are held right along the "Prosecco Wine road”, representing an enological itinerary through the geometric rows of vineyards.

We have divided the Way of Prosecco Wine route into the following chapters:

The Way of Prosecco Wine Route


is the gateway to the Prosecco hills and is also one of the most famous places in the province thanks to its characteristic products.  Continue...

Combai - The Ways of Prosecco Wine Route


is perched on a completely hilly area at the foot of the Belluno Prealps and is a fraction of the municipality of Miane. It is immersed in  Continue...

Follina- The Ways of Prosecco Wine Route


one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, is located between the streets of Prosecco wine in a verdant valley, rich in woods, water springs and  Continue...

Cison di Valmarino - The Ways of Prosecco Wine Route

Cison di Valmarino

one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, will enchant you with its historical, artistic beauties. In particular, the main characteristic  Continue...

Molinetto della Croda - Refrontolo


crossed by the Prosecco wine road, stretches between a succession of hills with evocative viticultural landscapes along the Crevada valley and  Continue...

San Pietro di Feletto - The Ways of Prosecco Wine Route

San Pietro di Feletto

is one of the most typical places of the March of Treviso, it is located a few minutes from Conegliano and is surrounded  Continue...

Vittorio Veneto - The Ways of Prosecco Wine Route

Vittorio Veneto

was born from the fusion of the towns of Ceneda and Serravalle, to celebrate the unity of Italy, dedicating the event to the king Vittorio Emanuele  Continue...



an elegant and picturesque town, is immersed in the lands of the famous Prosecco wine and is the birthplace of the painter Giambattista  Continue...



is inextricably linked to the Collalto family. This noble family of Lombard origin, between the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, moved Continue...

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