From Grappa Mount to Asolo

In this chapter we will deal with a spectacular territory, among green hills and pretty villages, do not miss from  Grappa Mount to Asolo.

We have divided from Grappa Mount to Asolo into the following chapters:

The Grappa Mount - From Grappa Mount to Asolo

The Grappa Mount

scene of hard decisive battles during the First World War and some events in the Second World War, is known for the Military Memorial  Continue...

Possagno - From Grappa Mount to Asolo


the birthplace of Antonio Canova, houses both the famous Canovian temple and the plaster casts gallery with terracotta sketches  Continue...

Asolo - From Grappa Mount to Asolo


The city has to be discovered by walking to the central Piazza Maggiore or Garibaldi, with the sixteenth-century fountain dominated  Continue...

Villa Barbaro - From Grappa Mount to Asolo

Villa Barbaro

Roses, wisteria and climbing breezes welcome the courtyard to one of the undisputed masterpieces of the architect Andrea Palladio  Continue...

Montebelluna - From Grappa Mount to Asolo


from the Roman consul Postumio Albino, whose purpose was to join the main Roman ports of northern Italy, Aquileia and  Continue...

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