Palladian Villas

In this chapter we talk about the wonderful Palladian Villas, world heritage of the Vicenza area, designed by architect Andrea Palladio.

Seven Municipalities Plateau

In this chapter we deal with a surprising territory in the summer and a very welcoming place in the winter: the Seven Municipalities Plateau.

The Valsugana

In this chapter we introduce you one of the most beautiful valleys in the Veneto region, marked by stories and legends, traditions and small villages, in which one of the most important rivers in the whole region flows, the Valsugana.

From Bassano del Grappa to Sandrigo

In this chapter we will discuss the Vicenza area, with its famous cities and its traditional products, starting our journey from Bassano del Grappa to Sandrigo.

The City Center of Vicenza

In this chapter we talk about the City Center of Vicenza, a city full of traditions and curiosities, marked in the course of history by Andrea Palladio’s projects.